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Reunions and Events

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Each year we meeting at Sibford’s open day for our annual general meeting and reunion. This is a time to catch up and make new friends, and to reconnect with the school.

We always have a presidential meal and learn more about new old scholars. We aim to build stronger links with new leavers and provide networking opportunities. 

Our Aims


To foster interaction between former scholars and staff and present-day pupils and staff


To further school day friendships


To enjoy the mutual benefits that can arise through a sustained relationship with the School and former scholars


To encourage a spirit of loyalty amongst present scholars


To assist the further development of the School

Upcoming Events

The next reunion is taking place on the 17th June 2023 at the Sibford School Open day. Further details of what the day will involve will be added within the coming weeks.

This will be a great opportunity to meet up with other old scholars and staff at the school. We look forward to seeing you there. Maybe you know alother old scholar who would be interested in attending bring them along so we can build our network.

Other events include the annual Sibford Old Scholars vs Sibford School Football Match which takes place in March.  

If this timeline does change, SOSA will advise and advertise accordingly.

What Happens at a Reunion



Our annual general meeting is a meeting for the general membership of SOSA. All the major decisions are made at the AGM including appointing to the committee, decisions about the direction of SOSA, its governance and any other business that the members would like to raise.


Reach out and connect with old scholars from all over the world. The reunion others the ability to connect with new and old friends. We would also recommend sharing your stories and photo on our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The SOSA network is hoping to encourage its members to run regional events throughout the year. We also hope to see you at many of our future events.

“So lovely to reconnect with old friends and meet new people.”

Hugo (attended 88-95)

Sibford School

School Events

Sibford School runs a mixture of events throughout the year that are open to the public, to find out more about these sign up to our newsletter on the membership page. We look forward to seeing you at not only the Summer Open Day (where the reunion is held) but also at theatre productions and other joint events like the Christmas Market.


Open Days

Open days are currently being held online, check the school website for further updates.



The school has put on many events through the years, from large scale musicals, Shakspeare Plays and a huge mixture of other productions.


Old Scholars Sports

Each year there is at least one event where students play Old Scholars (normally held in March) Hockey or Football depending on the skills available.

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