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from the beginning

The SOSA magazine dates back to 1904, there is a complete archive at the bottom of this page (pdf files), if you are interested in contributing to the magazine please let us know.

Stories about old scholars and the school have been an important part of helping keep us in contact with each other over the years.


Letter from Editor

Dear Reader

I hope that you have enjoyed the new format Rocket, whether this is the online or hard copy.

In my position as Rocket Editor, it falls to me to collate the stories that Old Scholars, past and new can provide me with. We all love stories which give a sense of the times and friendships that were important to you then, and still are now, illustrated where possible with as many pictures as you can provide.

We would also like to try and resurrect local gatherings and reunions, we feel that this is the perfect opportunity and forum to publicise them.

If you would like to provide us with stories, articles or general news that you would like to see in the Rocket, please do get in touch.  You can contact me via Sibford School or alternatively email me at



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