Giving back

Two ways to donate

There are two ways to donate towards the work of SOSA its members and the school.

If you want to donate to the running of our events and activities directly then donate to SOSA directly. If you want to donate to the school activities, bursaries and other activities then we suggest donating directly to the school.

The school is able to claim gift aid on donations made to them.


Direct Donation

SOSA is an unincorporated organisation that relies on donations to run. We produce events, publications like the rocket and other activities throughout the year. In the past, we have also donated to dedicated school activities and bursaries. Contact us if you wish to donate directly to SOSA.


The school has a bursary fund and does various activities throughout every year with the children and young people it nurtures. Charity number: 1068256

“Being able to give back to the school has always been important to me.”

Former pupil

Other ways to contribute

There are other ways to contribute to SOSA, from serving on the committee through to helping support future events.