SOSA Committee Covid Blog

Well, as well all know and which is now going to go down in history in the UK, Monday 23rd March 2020 was the evening that the United Kingdom when into lockdown, where we were suddenly under limitation, restriction of movement and could only go outside for essential items including food and exercise, our elders were shielding and children/grandchildren, if you were living in the same household, were probably driving everyone up the wall! 

Since March, we have continued to have restriction to keep Covid-19 at bay.

Zoom Committee Meeting
Finding new ways of meeting

So, what were your committee and personnel doing during this time? 

As you are aware everyone on the committee is on the committee voluntarily and gives their time free of charge because they love Sibford and care about the school and the Association’s future. as for those who were/are working full time it became a very different way of working with those who had not done it before, which became working from home.  For those who were used to working outside, their movements were restricted and for those retired / shielding potentially they became housebound.

From being a complete bunch of technophobes, we are now a superb bunch of technical wizards embracing choir practice, discos, social dinner clubs, catch-ups, evening parties and much more on technology including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Messenger and other social platforms – who knew we could learn and adapt so quickly irrespective of generation!

What have we achieved?

As a committee in only six very short months, we have achieved an immense number of items which we will share with you all at the next AGM, which for obvious reasons will be virtual.  We have used this ‘downtime’ wisely to meet in the virtual world more often, to re-focus on what we want to achieve as an Association, how to interact with the next generation, past generation and generally make our Association a better communicator to its members.

We have been working on a new SOSA website which will be live very soon and we also intend to be more active on social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so would love to hear from you all and to share any news that you have.