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"To Promote Interest In Matters That Affect Occupational Safety"

Objectives of the Association.

To promote interest in matters that affect occupational safety, health and welfare and the environment among businesses, both large and small, within the area served by the Association and to maintain the interest of member firms in the study, application and improvement of risk management.

To foster and develop the spirit of co-operation between employer and employee with regard to matters of occupational safety, health, welfare and the environment and to encourage the establishment of active and efficient safety liaison work To assist member firms in their risk assessment problems and to study types of accidents, especially those reported by members, in order to find effective means of preventing recurrence.

To afford facilities for the pooling and dissemination of knowledge in the field of occupational safety, health, welfare and the environment, for the study of appropriate statutory requirements. Also for the reading of papers, the presentation of information and promotion of lectures, discussions and visits and for such other activities as may tend to further the general objectives of the Association.