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When air (or any fluid) is vibrated by acoustic effects, the waves that travel through the fluid transmit energy.  When the energy arrives at the ear, or a microphone, it can be perceived and translated into information.  This information is Sound, or Noise.  Excessive energy from sound or noise can damage the equipment used to perceive it; microphones can be repaired, but human hearing can deteriorate permanently.  Regulations define both levels for sound/noise above which actions must be taken, and also limits that must not be exceeded.


See also Chemicals, COSHH Assessment

Any substance or management system that is used to repel, control or eliminate unwanted animals, plants or organisms, and covers insecticide, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, avicides, etc.  Control can be achieved by chemicals (broadcast e.g. spraying, or specific application e.g. bait-boxes), physical methods (protective netting, signage preventing feeding), or by introducing a predatory species (e.g. control of aphid control by ladybirds).  Where chemical control is used, regulations may apply e.g. COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health), or COPR (control of pesticides regulations)